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Rhodes Exterior Cleaning 

Our mission is to provide an exceptional experience for our customers achieved through VIP customer service and attention to detail. We take pride in bringing homes and businesses back to their original beauty. We specialize in Soft Washing meaning we can clean and sanitize your home or business without using high pressure eliminating any property damage. We are a licensed and insured family owned business and our work is an extension of our name. Whether you live in an HOA , own a business or simply want to enhance curb appeal your solution is only a phone call away. 

Services Offered


Soft Washing   

Soft washing is a cleaning method using low pressure and specialized solutions to safely remove mildew, bacteria, algae and other organic stains without damaging a surface. Using no more pressure than what comes out of a garden hose we can clean up to four stories from the ground. This method can be used on vinyl, dryvit, wood, brick, hardy plank board, and stucco. Our cleaning process is controlled at all times. 

While our dialed in solution is removing contaminants from surfaces being cleaned we keep vegetation and all surrounding areas diluted to a zero percent concentration. We even go the extra step of safely removing potted plants and outside furniture from cleaning areas. Property protection is just as important to us as the cleaning process. All outside outlets, lights and other electrical devices will be properly sealed to prevent any water damage.            

Concrete Cleaning 

Concrete is pretty durable but it does need to be cleaned from time to time. From foot traffic to tires and oil spills concrete takes a beating.


We can treat your driveways and walkways with eco-friendly solutions and commercial grade surface cleaners to ensure amazing results. Years of dirt and grime can be removed with one application.


Let us make your driveways and walkways compliment your home or business.       

Roof Cleaning     

Have you noticed black or blue streaks on your roof? If so your roof is being attacked by an airborne algae called Cloeocapsa Magma. This algae will worsen and become more noticeable each year trapping in moisture and causing premature shingle aging and granule loss.                                                                                                                                                             The good news is we can eliminate this algae at the root with a  gentle application of our cleaning solution. We use a system that is dedicated specifically to clean roofs no pressure is needed to produce amazing results. We guarantee your roof will stay algae free up to three years after initial application.                                                                                   We offer a free no obligation demo to showcase how effective our process is towards removing these contaminates from your roof and making it look new again.


Pressure Washing   

Driveways, walkways, patios, and brick stairs all need a deep clean from time to time. From foot traffic, tire marks, and oil spills these surfaces take a beating. That’s where pressure washing is ideal. Not only  are these surfaces a compliment to your home, regular maintenance will make your home stand out even more while keeping you safe. Over time dirt, organic growth, and oil stains build up can cause these surfaces to deteriorate not to mention creating slip and fall hazards.

Wood Fence and Deck Cleaning

Whether for privacy or a place to relax on a beautiful day, wood fences and decks add value and comfortability to your home. Regardless of the type of wood , keeping it clean will not only improve its appearance, it will make it less prone to rot and decay. Green algae on a deck may be ugly but it can be hazardous also. Moisture from algae can seep into wood causing splinters and make it extremely slippery.

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